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Passover Recovery Cleanse

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Passover Recovery Cleanse

The Passover Recovery Cleanse: 24 Hours, 3 Steps : Immediate Results

Because 7 days of Passover includes a lot of food, eggs, meat, matzah, potatoes and dessert.


You can try this cleanse Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or whenever you are ready to recover from passover and really blast into spring.

This Cleanse can rejuvenate your body, cleanse the digestive system, hydrate, and boost immunity to spring allergens.

Ready to kick the leftover matza from your system?

Ready to bring your appetite back under control, after the load of large holiday meals?

Ready to meet Spring with a smile?

Just Tweet me and let me know @LanutritionDCn or on Facebook at Lily Aronin with the #passoverrecoverycleanse. You will get the recipes and everything you need to start right away!


Protected: Passover e-course Lesson 8

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Passover e-course Lesson 3 (free sample)

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Passover e-course Lesson 3 (free sample)

Passover e-course Lesson 3: Peer Pressure + freezer recipes


Try this sample Lesson Free and sign up for the entire course! 

Lesson 3: How to enjoy a meal out over the holiday


I know that being a guest and host have unique challenges. Try these tools to make it a little bit easier.

Read the chapter on hosting in the Passover e-book  the comes with course,for more ideas on what to offer and what to avoid.

The e-book is free for all subscribers this year 2014 only


How do you make simple food look amazing?  This  article breaks down the art of food presentation very simply.

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

The key points:

1. Pay attention to plate or platter size / to food quantity.

2. Look for color, texture and height and a focal point for the eye.

3. Make every garnish edible and relevant. So that the herb improves the dish, not

Go to Lesson 4


Did you learn something new? Have a question ?

I will respond to every comment or question you have within 24 hours so

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Healthy Passover e-book free gift for subscribers

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Thank you so much for joining me in promoting happiness and health in our communities we are all healthy helpers.

I am so excited to offer this to you. As a thank you for being you, I am giving you a free copy of my e-book A healthy passover: Freedom for the mind body and spirit.
This is a recipe book full of inspiration and tips and is a great part of my Passover e-course.

This healthy passover e- book is free only for subscribers to my site and courses, so if you want to share it with a friend,  go ahead send them to my site to register and you can all enjoy an extra inspiring holiday.

This e-book is very close to my heart and my belief in holistic living. There is nothing that gives me more joy than to hear from clients that their husband, daughter, son, cousin has become interested in health and better living by your great example. I know that Help seems like a lowering thing, but my dream is that you become a help to other’s and inspire them to live joyfully for a long long time.

Enjoy this small peice of me and feel free this Passover, the holiday of emancipation.

Passover Ebook

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.43.49 PM


A Healthy Passover: Freedom for the mind body and spirit

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A Healthy Passover: Freedom for the mind body and spirit

A Healthy Passover: Freedom for the mind body and spirit

My goal for Passover this year, was to put together all of the tips, philosophy, inspiration and recipes that made Passover my favorite holiday and the natural beginning to spring and summer slimness.


I love the spring and Passover is when I really get to shed the winter blues and rejuvenate my workouts and eating for the season. When I look at Purim to Passover as a cleanse not just of the home, but my habits, I find that the completeness of my purpose helps everything go easier. When my environment is cleaner and more organized I feel better and more energized to workout and eat clean, and vis versa.   To help you get organized take a look at my cleaning calendar you can download free!

That is what Holistic living is all about.  A holistic life is when you live with aligned purpose, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The Holistic  Healthy Passover experience is all about freedom, freedom from and freedom to. Freedom from wasting our life by being slaves to our desires and the will of other people. It is also about freedom to, freedom to live our lives for a greater purpose and freedom to fuel that life with great food and strengthen our ability to achieve that purpose by building physical strength and deep emotional relationships with the people we love.

For the Passover E-course this Year I put together a short e-book, take a look at chapter 1. I want to share this with everyone, so every member of this site (it’s free) by March 30, 2013   will get a free copy of this awesome e-book as a pdf file HERE.  So register Now.


Share this e-book preview for a chance to win a free subscription of my healthy passover e-course and a of course a free copy of the book!


Purim to Passover Freedom Free Download

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Purim to Passover Freedom Free Download

If you want to enjoy Purim fully this year, we have to talk bout the elephant in the room. Passover.

This easy Purim to Passover Freedom Download will guide you through organizing your tasks to make the transition worry proof.

Enjoy this free preview to some of the great easy things you will find in my healthy mind – healthy body Passover e-course which delivers to your inbox right after Purim only 5.99$!

Free Download Passover Preparation Guide

For a Great Video and Post all about the three things you need for a health passover watch it now!

I am so excited for Purim, I want to make hamentashen, drink great wine and spend quality time with friends and family. It feels especially good this year truly free from holiday temptation and stress.

Make your holidays healthy in mind as well as in body and focus on the relationships you are building and not only the food you are eating!


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.43.49 PM

Have a wonderful Holiday!

The Best Buzz for your Purim Bash

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The Best Buzz for your Purim Bash

What will you be drinking this Purim?

How do you choose what to drink and how much?

How do you Balance having  good time with the health benefits and dangers of alcohol?

Read everything your need to know to make the best decision on which drink to have here 



Remember to alternate your alcoholic drink with wine or seltzer to prevent a hangover in the morning and snack only on raw vegetables to soak up the alcohol and prevent unconscious snacking.

Drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.


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Healthy Passover E-Course

We Begin anytime after Purim, Learn at your own pace all via email. All for $5.99


A Tiny Taste of Tips of ideas from the e-course. $5.99

3 Things to Master for a Healthy Passover

1. Preparation Before Passover Begins

Healthy Passover Scheduling. Book your Calendar and work backwards to make sure your cleaning is sweat free.

Healthy Passover Pre-snacking. Soups and chopped vegetables make a perfect snack for those late nights and hungry mouths

Healthy Passover Stress Reduction. Budget for cleaning help, babysitting, massage, yoga, exercise.

2. Healthy Passover Holiday Inspiration

Eating on the Road: Buy a cooler, stock cut vegetables, egg wraps, homemade vegetable dips, lettuce wraps.

Limit Matza to 1 Piece a day

Passover Healthy Holiday Meals: Think like a restaurant chef. Create one beautiful plate with few quality ingredients.

3. Be a Great Guest and Stay Healthy this Passover

Sincerely Compliment the food you do eat

Be a fun conversationalist and bring a interesting topic or song to the table.  Add to spiritual food instead of just focusing on the physical food.

What are your burning Passover Questions?

Leave them here in comments and see them answered in the FAQ page of the e-course

Purim Recipes

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Purim Recipes

Purim Recipes for the healthy mom

Purim is a time of Happiness and often that coincides with treats.

Make your Purim gift full of more than sugar.

Let them be good for you as well

Healthy Hamentashen








Poppyseed filling


Chocolate Filling Dairy


Chocolate Filling Vegan Version

Vegan Whipped Chocolate Ganache

8 oz non-dairy dark or semisweet chocolate, roughly chopped
1 3/4  cups coconut milk (in the carton)
Pinch salt

Put the chocolate in a large, heatproof bowl. Heat the cream until it’s just about to boil and pour over the chocolate. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, add the salt and blend by hand with a spatula.

Refrigerate for two hours, or until firm. Whip with a stand mixer until soft, whipped, and lighter in color.

For More Purim ideas stay tuned healthy ideas for mishloach manot coming soon,

In the meantime checkout my purim board on Pinterest


My name is Lily Aronin and I am a Holistic Health Coach. I work with women of all ages who want to live at their Ideal weight through self-love and body harmony. I specialize in re-framing goals so that they are achievable, sustainable and fun.

Turn intention into action (weight loss and diets)

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How I finally succeeded and aligned my life and my desire. Turn intention into Action (weight loss and diets)


(photo Courtesy)

On a hot day in Los Angelas, California, I sat on the trunk on my car with my best friend on my right, and cried frustrated tears about my weight. I was eighteen.

The pain I felt was the pain of my desire, my intentions being completely out of sync with my actions.

I intended to be healthy, fit, glowing, toned, attractive, confident and thin. My action was a series of unsustainable diets, like the pineapple diet, pills, low carb, counting calories, weight watchers, slim fast, master cleanse and the 3 hour diet, to name a few.

In truth, my intention to be thin, overwhelmed everything else I wanted for myself. In fact, I sacrificed every single other goal for that one wish, to be thin.

Every time I began a diet, I worsened my health, I ate according to some outside guide, that knew nothing about my life, my fitness needs, my lifestyle, my emotional challenges and so I would eventually cheat.

Every time I would cheat, I would feel less attractive, less confident and fat.

Can you relate to my pain? The pain of a teenager eager to be acknowledged, a young girl who had spent 8 years already feeling the burden of fat?

12 years later I can cry with the young girl. I can weep for the humiliation she held deep in her heart. I can also tell her with complete honesty that it will all work out. Her deepest fears of being unattractive, unlovable, self destructive, and unhealthy are all unfounded.

12 years later I can hug her and say, you finally focused your attention on being confident, healthy, inspired, intellectually and spiritually challenged. In the process you became, healthy, fit, glowing, toned and maintaining a healthy weight. I cannot tell her  that I ever became thin.

12 years later I can whisper in her ear, that she will be loved by the best ma she has ever known. The she will mother four children without carrying any extra weight. I can let her know that they too will love her and see her inner beauty as well as know that she is a beautiful mother. I can tell her that she has lost weight as the years have gone on, without sacrificing dessert or her love of cooking and eating.

What would you say to your struggling self? what will you say 12 years in your future?


(photo courtesy)

Turn intention into action

Once a young girl looked at the starry sky

She cried the tears of  her unrealized dreams

The actions of her life, goals pointless seem.

She yearns to progress, to transform to fly.


Silently her tears fall, her hearts cry.

She does not see love, her support, her team

She travels the balance, high on her beam.

About to fall, hands thrust out, help she must try.


With focused goals that bring her deepest joy

She dismounts proudly, flying light as a toy.


3 tips for turning your intention into action

1. Does your goal bring you real joy on its own?

2. Grab support from everywhere you can

3. Evaluate every choice, does this sacrifice make me happy?


When every step to a goal can be reframed and appreciated on its own as well as it contributes to your ultimate goal, moving from intention to action becomes progressively easier.

When every step is aided by loving unconditional support, the necessary mistakes also bring you closer to your success.

How can you support someone else in their goals?

Who can be trusted to support you in yours? 


My name is Lily Aronin and I am a Health Coach. I work with women of all ages who want to live at their Ideal weight through self-love and body harmony. I specialize in re-framing goals so that they are achievable, sustainable and fun.