Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program by Lillian Aronin

Holistic Health Coaching

My Passion is you. Your power and your gifts fueled by great food and made strong by daily movement. Holistic Health Coaching is about your changes based on self love and that are part of a bigger picture, your total self. The end goal is happiness and confidence in your own skin.

Effortless Weight Control

I was a heavy girl. I never had effortless weight control until, I stopped dieting and started loving myself and I became a partner and not an enemy of my body. Effortless weight control is created by healthy daily habits. Read More

Love Your Body

It is a place to get in touch and feel gratitude for our unique beauty and the daily miracles we experience with our bodies. When we focus our  energy on loving our bodies we can work in partnership mind, body and spirit to have the best life possible. Learn more here.

Healthy Kids

Getting kids to eat healthy is all about education and the fun factor. Kids who understand what food does for the body automatically make better choices. Patience and Love ,with wholesome food is the prescription for success. Get Ideas and Recipes Here.

"Treat your health-care like a indulgent reward, instead of a punishment for bad behavior"